Dioramas Galore

We have been learning all about how to be kaitiaki in our homes by conserving our natural resources.

As a create task, tamariki are making dioramas to show what they are going to be doing with their whānau. Our dioramas needed to be made with resources we could find around the kura. e.g old paper, paints that were almost all gone, popsicle sticks from another art project, we even found some leftover turf that we turned into grass for our parks.

On Friday we were super excited to share our creating with some of our tuākana and have them help us. Check out what they got up to.

Magic Measurement

We have had so much fun exploring measurement this term. We learnt how to estimate the size of objects and decide what the best unit of measure would be to find the exact size of something.

We wrapped up our measurement journey by creating a prototype on Explain Everything then creating our design out of lego. Our brief was to create a freestanding structure out of lego that was 7cm high and 12.5cm wide. We were only allowed to use a ruler once we estimated that our structure was the correct size and had taken a photo.