Casting Magic With Worms

What an amazing haerenga we had visiting the Eco Centre to learn about worms and the mahi they do to help breakdown our kai scraps.

We began our visit learning about the different types of worms. Some grow up to over a metre long!

Then we dug up our own earth worms…

…to investigate the difference between them and compost worms (Tiger worms).

Our facilitator showed us how to make a worm farm before letting us make one to take home.

First we cut our plastic bottles and wrapped them in newspaper.

Then we shredded up some newspaper, soaked it in water and added it to the bottom of our plastic bottles.

Next, we added compost and worms to our bottles.

Finally, we turned the top of our bottles upside down and added soil and grass seeds.

We had so much fun on this haerenga and we learnt so many new things about worms and the role they play in helping us keep Papatūānuku healthy and strong.

World Ocean Day – Kaupapa Matua

During kaupapa matua we have been learning about ways that we can help to protect our oceans. We have been reading the story Little Hector And The Big Idea to learn about why it is important to look after the ocean. We also watched some David Attenborough documentaries and then made a poster on 5 reasons to look after our Moana. We will also be heading down to the beach this week to look at how we can put our learning into action.

Magic Measurement

We have had so much fun exploring measurement this term. We learnt how to estimate the size of objects and decide what the best unit of measure would be to find the exact size of something.

We wrapped up our measurement journey by creating a prototype on Explain Everything then creating our design out of lego. Our brief was to create a freestanding structure out of lego that was 7cm high and 12.5cm wide. We were only allowed to use a ruler once we estimated that our structure was the correct size and had taken a photo.


Project Jonah Visit

Today we were lucky enough to have Kelly from Project Jonah come into talk about ways that we can help and protect our whales from decline.

Our tamariki got to practice what to do if they come across a whale stranding, we talked about ways to reduce plastic waste pollution in the ocean, and action that you can take at home to help.

See the photos below for an insight into the visit.

Spectacular Science

Ata Hāpara teina are exploring what it means to be a scientist. We have been having fun learning what chemists do and try out our own experiment.

We predicted what would happen if we mixed baking soda and vinegar together. Then we worked in small groups to test our hypothesis.

We found out that the mixture would bubble and fizz due to the gases released when the two mediums were mixed.


What experiments should we try next?


Rāwhiti School Book Duty…

On Wednesday 14th December we had a Book Day at Rāwhiti School.  A group of students helped to organise this event.  Thanks to Charlotte J, Olivia C, Freya, Morgan and Violet for all of their hard work behind the scenes.

We had activity grids to complete, face painting, a staff read around and Kahoot quizzes.

To check our more photos head to Twitter – @rawhitibythesea or

visit our Google Site! Book Day Photos & Media.










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